Weak Layers

After getting evicted, three party-loving best friends set out to win a ski-movie competition. The prize money covers their rent, but they’ll have to beat out professional skiers and filmmakers. An uproarious comedy that celebrates mountain towns and takes on the male-dominated ski industry.

awards & festivals


Venue City Opening Date
Rolling Hills 20 Torrance. CA 01/05/2024
Stonebriar Mall 24 Frisco, TX 01/05/2024
Easton Town Center Columbus, OH 01/05/2024
Waterfront 22 Homestead, PA 01/05/2024
Cherry Hill 24 Cherry Hill, NJ 01/05/2024
Neshaminy 24 Bensalem, PA 01/05/2024
Concord Mills 24 Concord, NC 01/05/2024
Tahoe Art Haus Tahoe City, CA 01/05/2024
CNMK Salt Lake City 16 Salt Lake City, UT 01/05/2024
Century El Con Tuscon, AZ 01/05/2024
CNMK Tinseltown 20 Colorado Springs, CO 01/05/2024
Century 16 Boulder, CO 01/05/2024
CNMK Anchorage 16 Anchorage, AK 01/05/2024
BTM Cinemas Isis Aspen, CO 01/12/2024