Sorry/Not Sorry

In 2017, The New York Times published an article in which five women accused comedian Louis C.K. of sexual harassment Nine months later, he returned to the stage and went on to win a Grammy in 2021. Sorry/Not Sorry examines the cultural fixation with Louis C.K. and his comeback while revealing the backlash faced by the women who spoke up about his behavior.

“Rightly focuses on the women C.K. violated, and comedy’s inability to hold him accountable.”

Washington City Paper

“Asks essential questions about cancel culture.”


“A fascinating documentary. Breaks down how easily misbehavior can be twisted into a punch line.”

The Atlantic

“A testament to the courage of those who chose to speak up.”

Film Daily

“Should be seen by C.K.’s supporters as well as his detractors.”

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Venue City Opening Date
IFC Center 5 New York NY 07/12/2024
Laemmle Glendale Glendale, CA 07/12/2024
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