John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Little Richard, The Doors, Chuck Berry, Alice Cooper, and other legendary musicians performed at the 1969 Toronto Rock and Roll Revival music festival. This behind-the-scenes look at “the second most important event in rock and roll history” culminates in John Lennon’s first public performance with The Plastic Ono Band, triggering his decision to leave the Beatles.

“Captures the beautiful madness of the 1969 Toronto Rock and Roll Revival music festival.”

The Vancouver Sun

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Laemmle Claremont 5 Claremont, CA 07/22/2024
Laemmle Glendale Glendale, CA 07/22/2024
Laemmle Town Center 5 Encino, CA 07/22/2024
Laemmle Monica Film Center Santa Monica, CA 07/22/2024
Crosstown Arts Theater Memphis, TN 07/25/2024
Burns Court Sarasota, FL 01/06/2025
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