Isolated on a seaside estate, an entitled journalist (Billy Magnussen) and his socialite wife (Sarah Gadon) take in a mysterious grifter as a private cook (Peter Sarsgaard). When a plague descends on the island, the wily cook rouses his fellow staff to rebel and take over the mansion. Their employer suspects the cook’s coup is part of a more sinister agenda, and mind games between master and servant escalate into all-out class warfare.

“A jaunty class-war comedy.”



The Guardian

“Fun! Amusing! Radical!”

The Hollywood Reporter

awards & festivals


Venue City Opening Date
AMC Southlake Pavillion 24 Morrow, GA 08/02/2024
AMC Carolina Pavillion 24 Charlotte, NC 08/02/2024
AMC Concord Mills 22 Concord, NC 08/02/2024
AMC Crestwood18 Crestwood, IL 08/02/2024
AMC Schererville 16 Schererville, IL 08/02/2024
AMC South Barrington 24 South Barrington, IL 08/02/2024
AMC Forum 17 Sterling Heights, IL 08/02/2024
AMC Dine-In Mesquite 30 Mesquite, TX 08/02/2024
AMC Barrywoods 24 Kansas City, MO 08/02/2024
AMC Dine-In Ontario Mills 30 Ontario, CA 08/02/2024
AMC Orange 30 Orange, CA 08/02/2024
AMC Fitchburg 18 Fitchburg, WI 08/02/2024
AMC Mayfair 18 Wauwatosa, WI 08/02/2024
AMC Festival Plaza 16 Montgomery, AL 08/02/2024
AMC Thoroughbred 20 Nashville, TN 08/02/2024
AMC Ahwatukee 24 Phoenix, AZ 08/02/2024
AMC Westgate 20 Glendale, AZ 08/02/2024
AMC Rockford 16 Rockford, IL 08/02/2024
AMC Mission Valley 20 San Diego, CA 08/02/2024
AMC South Bend 16 Sound Bend, IN 08/02/2024
AMC Gulf Pointe 30 Houston, TX 08/02/2024
Emagine Novi 17 Novi, MI 08/02/2024
Emagine Noblesville 16, Noblesville, IN 08/02/2024
Emagine Palladium 15 Birmingham, MI 08/02/2024
laemmle Monica Film Center Santa Monica, CA 08/02/2024
Mary D Fisher Sedona, AZ 08/02/2024
= one-off screening