Concerned Citizen

A dark comedy about gentrification in which a socially progressive man’s attempt to improve his Tel Aviv neighborhood goes unexpectedly awry. A satirical parable about the insidious ways in which privilege can unleash prejudice within.

“With its piercing, probing final moments, which turn self-flagellating into thorny cathartic territory, Haguel has crafted an intimate portrait of privilege that’s as damning as it is discomfiting.”


“Haguel builds this brief but densely structured film in an interestingly modular, rhythmic way.”

The New York Times

“A carefully told, well-acted slice of life.”

The Jerusalem Post

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Venue City Opening Date
IFC Center NY 06/02/2023
Laemmle Royal LA 06/02/2023
Tropic Cinema Key West 06/02/2023